Small Business Owners & Mom Bloggers = Savvy, Smart Marketing

I am a small business owner. I began blogging for our business to increase our online visibility and to add another dimension to our branding strategy.  Our blog allows us to connect with our customers and to educate and engage them about Fresh Brothers.  And, it’s fun.  It’s just really good fun to write about something you love.  And I love what we’ve created in Fresh Brothers!

I created this blog,, as a creative outlet for myself.  It’s a space where I can share my life as an entrepreneur and mom living within the South Bay.

Between the two blogs, I’m learning a lot of about marketing and the power of moms!  If you are a mom, you know that you are the bossy-pants in the family.  According to, 71% of mothers use the internet to get information, advice or general information about product purchases.

In an article titled “The Mommy Blog Phenomenon”  by Anna Mareveska,  Jennifer James, founder of the Mom Bloggers Club says “Mom bloggers are extremely vital to the new media landscape. We use new media like nobody’s business and are some of the most digitally connected people on the Web. We have extended our sphere of influence off of blogs and into social media, where we engage our audiences through Twitter, Facebook, podcasts, radio shows, mobile apps and through our vlogs.”

Amen, sister! Big brands already have embraced this concept.  For example, my blog is a part of MomsLA.  Through my affiliation with MomsLA, I was invited to go see Victorious in concert.  If your kids are under five, you may not know who Victoria Justice is.  But, if your kids watch Nickelodeon, then you know that the show Victorious is a HUGE hit!  The PR firms representing Unilever’s Don’t Fret the Sweat campaign & WalMart’s Sound Check reached out to MomsLA and invited their bloggers to the Victorious VIP concert.  My kids went bonkers when they learned that they would be able to see the Victorious crew live.  The concert was a blast for them.  They talked about it for days afterwards and created quite a buzz about Victorious within their school.  And then there is this:

Proof that they “met” the Victorious crew.  Can you say fans for life?

If you are a small business owner, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity to market and advertise your business via bloggers.  For example, we recently held a “grand opening” party at our newest location in Beverly Hills.  We invited media members and bloggers to join us for some fun pizza making and cupcake decorating.  So far, two bloggers wrote about the event.  Many tweeted about it and cross-posted it on Facebook.  We’ll soon be featured on an internet based tv show, too!  For us, it was a fantastic and unique way to reach out, connect & feed some new and old fans of Fresh Brothers.

If you are a small business owner, and would like to connect with powerful bloggers in your area, consider the following:

1.) Start following blogs & writers that might be interested in your product.  For example, if you are a jewelry designer, follow mom bloggers in your area.

2.) Consider offering a product or a sample as a give-away.  For example, if  you own a children’s play center, consider donating a day of free play for a mom blogger to give away.

3.) Host an open house.  Invite friends, media members and bloggers.  Show them your products, educate them about what you do and treat them to a little nosh and some fun.  You’ll create loyal followers who will help you grow your business.

Are you a small business owner that’s worked with a blogger to promote your business?  Were you happy with the results?  Tell us about it!


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