Sunny Dog Place Give Away

Meet Sunny.  He’s our newest “baby.”  He weighs 150 pounds and is only a year old.  He’s a Newfoundland, a gentle, silly and sweet giant.   The problem with this beast of sweetness was his behavior.   His actions were helping to slowly chip away at my sanity.  Sunny had a fondness for peeing and pooping in the house.  He was difficult to manage on his leash because he behaved as if he’s walking me.   To this guy, the kitchen trash bin was heaven on earth.  (Mmmm… leftovers.  I’m a lucky dog!)

Clearly, I needed help with this nutty newf.  I called on my friend, Suzanne Mackay, who owns Sunny Dog Place. Sunny Dog Place is a cage-free doggy day-care and boarding facility in Harbor City, adjacent to Torrance.

Suzanne recommended that I enroll Sunny in her Dog Boot Camp.  Sunny would go live at Sunny Dog Place for 2-3 weeks while she worked on his training.  Done.  I was so tired of his bad behavior and was at loss at how to correct it.  Sadly, I was glad to have a break from him.

Sunny loved being at Sunny Dog Place.  Of course.  It is truly heaven on earth for canines.

During his stay, Sunny worked with Suzanne.  He learned how to mind his manners while walking on leash.  She taught him to “come here Sunny” and he did.  He learned to listen to commands like “sit” and “stay.”  And, for a behavioral bonus, he got to go swimming in the dog pool!  The pool is unreal.  I honestly couldn’t stop laughing while watching all the dogs swim.

Sunny is back home with us.  Part of the Boot Camp training program are “tune-up” visits.  Suzanne has come over to my home a few times to help me be a better dog mom.  He’s not perfect.  He still likes the trash and has an occasional accident, but he’s improved greatly.  I am extremely grateful for all that Suzanne has done for our family.

As a Valentine’s Day “thank you” to new and faithful ManhattanBeachMomma readers, we’re doing a give away.  Beginning Wednesday, February 16th, ManhattanBeachMomma will  do one give away a day through Sunday, February 20th.   We have 2 overnight stays ($43.00 value, per night) at Sunny Dog Place & 3 pool visits, which are $35.00 per visit.

In order to qualify for the give away, please leave a comment here within the blog.  Good luck!

I was not compensated for this post.

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