Traveling the Wild West in Our RV Pt. 1

When we hit the road in our rv for an adventure in glamping (glamourous camping) we call ourselves the Goldberg Family Traveling Circus.  It suits us.  We bring with us our three massive Newfoundland dogs (about 400 pounds of dogs) and our 7 year-old twins.

We drove about three hours longer than we had to, thanks to Google Maps.  Driving an rv with a tow vehicle on Highway 49 was hellacious.  We swung right and left on pin-tight turns along the mountain roads.  It was so bad I found myself wishing for a xanax.  We arrived in historic and rustic Groveland, CA and were thrilled to be greeted by the creatures who live in the petting zoo at our motor home park.

This photo is for my Aunt, Annie LaPensee, who sits on the board of Save Your Ass Rescue.   Sweet donkey!

 There were lots of cool things to keep the kids busy, including panning for gold.  Nate was fascinated by this, and spent a lot of his time foraging for golden nuggets.

Though Nate has long grown out of playing with this Tonka truck, he finds many new ways to repurpose it.  Ryann forgot to wear her shoes on the walk down to catch the nightly hayride, so brother came to the rescue and gave her lift (or a push!).

Gotta love a hayride…

We took Sunny, our youngest newf, down to see the critters in the petting zoo.  After he licked the donkey’s faces, he sat down and posed for this picture.

Check in tomorrow to learn about our adventures in Yosemite.  We met up with dear friend of ours who hit the John Muir trail for a 211 mile trek, which will take him three weeks.  Can you imagine hiking, alone, for three weeks without access to a cell phone or a computer?  This glamping girl cannot imagine herself doing such a thing!

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