Children’s Television: Everybody Loves Elmo! (Pt.2)

He’s red.  He’s furry.  He’s a loveable monster.  And that’s why we all love Elmo.  He’s an international icon, thanks to the man behind the monster, Kevin Clash.

I recently wrote about the Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship Fund, which celebrates Mister Rogers positive influence on children’s media.  That tradition continues today, thanks to PBS Kids, and the many amazing programs that the networks produces.

Kevin Clash’s life as the man behind Elmo is captured in a new documentary titled Being Elmo:  A Puppeteers Journey.  Directed by Constance Marks, the film will premiere on Independant Lens in April of 2012.

During the press tour, Kevin brought out Elmo so the journalists and bloggers could take pictures with the pair.  Below, Elmo held on to a pregnant woman’s belly and exclaimed “See you soon!”

Clash is an Emmy Award winning master puppeteer who has given life to Elmo and many other Sesame Street characters.  It was amazing (and chilling, in a good way) to watch him “be” Elmo.

Kevin Clash is a gentle and sweet man and you can clearly see his personality reflected in Elmo.  At the end of a question and answer session, Elmo sang us a song.

And, finally, Elmo created a special message for my children, Nathan and Ryann.  For one day, I was the perfect mom in my home thanks to Elmo!

* I was not compensated for this post.

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