Do 7 year-old girls really need tinted sunscreen?

A recently launched skincare company has created a line of beauty products especially for girls from 7-16 years old.  When I first received the pitch about the new product line, I was excited.  Here’s a line from an email from the founder of the company:  “…the line looks adorable, has great formulations and will have AWESOME distribution when it launches on March 1st 2012. ”

I initially thought that a skin care line specifically targeting young girls was a great idea.  I liked the idea of my daughter having her own special products to use daily to help teach her about caring for her skin while protecting it from the sun.

That is, until we received the products.  The sunscreen is tinted.  I couldn’t believe it.

This is Ryann.  She’s 7.5.

Would I be teaching her anything of value if I allowed her to wear a foundation with sunscreen?

I’m 42.  I wear foundation with sunscreen.

What 7 year-old girl needs this product and why?

The skincare line is marketed toward girls from 7-16.  I understand why older girls may need a tinted sunscreen.  But 7?  Really?

I think an over-zealous marketing person really got this wrong and overshot (or undershot!) the appropriate age range for this product.  What do you think?

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