Wordless Wednesday: Puppy Love

Best pals and playmates.  XO

There’s a Problem With My Computer



And I thought it was difficult to get work done with the kids around!

My Dog is Cuter Than Yours

I Heart Newfoundland Dogs

Yesterday, not one but two people found my blog by searching for the term “giving away Newfoundland dog.”  I hope that a kind person was searching for a dog in need of a home.  I hope.

I fear that someone stumbled onto my blog because I occasionally post pictures and videos of one of my three nutty Newfoundlands. Like this:

How can you not love a dog like that, right?

I fear that someone has a Newf in need of a home, who may be in an abusive situation.  Or, perhaps the owner cannot take care of them anymore for some reason.

I’m going to regret this, I know I will.  But, please, if that was YOU, reading this now, please don’t give your dog to a shelter.  Please, send me a note.  Send me some pictures.  Tell me a story about your dog.  And I will help you find it a home.

Please.  And thank you.  XO & Slobber-filled kisses to you.

Debbie & Sunny Goldberg

What do you get when you give a Newfie Peanut Butter?

Newfie tongue!  Impressive, right?  Thanks, Skippy.

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